When I Was a Kid, I Collected $2 Bills, I Became Obsessed With Them.

We had a family friend who would go to the bank and stock up on two-dollar bills, he then would gift us a couple for our birthdays. I remember crying when my brother spent his $2 bill at the grocery store, I wanted to trade him 8 quarters for the $2 bill and I remember he said "Two dollars is two dollars, it all spends the same." It turns out my brother was dead wrong. Did we spend a bill worth $4,000 when we were 10 years old?

One $2 Bill Is making Headlines All Over the Nation.

This $2 bill also has us all checking our bills at home. In 2003 a $2 bill with a very low serial number was made, little did anyone know that the bill would be sold at an auction for $2,400 and then get sold again for $4,000.



According to Heritage Auction the largest auction house in world, they had a $2 bill auctioned for $2,400. Of course we are all trying to figure out who and why someone later paid $4,000 for it. If you have held on to any $2 bills over the years or maybe you have some sitting around you should check the serial numbers, who knows it could be worth thousands.


How Can You Check Your $2 Bill at Home?

You can visit uscurrencyauctions.com and check to see what color of seal the bill has and go from there. There are several $2 bills that are worth thousands so make sure you check yours ASAP.

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