The Best Part About Traveling in the South is Buc-ee's.

If you have gone on a road trip you already know there is nothing better than finding a clean restroom and the best snacks to fuel the rest of your trip. My favorite part of Buc-ee's is the beef jerky wall, I am obsessed with beef jerky and love the wide selection they offer. Do I go overboard and act like I have to get every flavor? Yes. Would I do it again? Absolutely, my bank account and I can argue about it later.

We Can All Find Comfort in Knowing Our Beaver Fever is Shared Throughout America.

So much so that there is a new unofficial Buc-ee's anthem. This song was created using AI and is a country bop. It is so catchy that several people on TikTok think this needs to be the new Buc-ee's anthem. They covered everything from the beef jerky to the clean restrooms. They even mentioned scoring a high-paying job at Buc-ee's. AI killed it making this a hit song, it is a minute of pure gold. The question remains, will Buc-ee's use this song for a commercial?

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Some of the Best Snacks at Buc-ee's

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