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This is a date night that I've been dying to have someone take me on right here in Shreveport, LA! Just the thought of going on this date with someone special makes me smile! As you can tell, I'm a romantic at heart. There's something about Christmas lights that creates an atmosphere of pure magic!

I posted that date night idea on my personal Facebook page a few years ago and I've yet to experience it! Come on guys, step up! And according to all of the responses, I'm not alone in thinking it sounds pretty special. It looks as if the idea of touring area Christmas light displays, hot chocolate in hand, is the perfect date night for a lot of people. Check out some of my favorite responses below:

Can I be your date???!!!!
That would be the best.
Be sure to see the City of Shreveport and Aquarium lights on the Parkway. Plus the 300 block of Albert
That is one of the best dates!!
We did that tonight in Spring Lake. We are old fuddy duddys and love it.
Being a Senior citizen does have its perks.
Yes, please, and if it’s a road trip to Marshall, Jefferson, or Natchitoches, I’m IN!!
I had that exact date tonight! Christmas in Roseland, Wonderland of Lights, and just driving around!
Go to Santa Land and drive through or the Rose Garden and walk through... great date!
Since this still looks like a winning date idea, now you just have to figure out where you want to go! Natchitoches is great and so is Marshall, TX. Of course, you can't forget Christmas in Roseland. I'd love to hear your suggestions. Shoot me an email at or send me a message using our free app.

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