I Have Always Been a Firm Believer That Everyone Should Have to Work in Retail or the Restaurant Business.

If you have ever worked in retail or the restaurant business you know that one of the most difficult things you can deal with are other peoples attitudes. It truly takes so much inner strength to be able to deal with people who treat you as less than. To some people you are treated as just an order taker, you're there to serve them and that is it.

I was a waiter for most of my life and I have always been cautious or weary of people who are bad tippers and who simply don't treat the staff like human beings. Someone who is not kind to the waiter, is simply not a good person.


A Bossier Eatery Posted a Status That Had Me in Stitches But Also Had Me Applauding Them for a New Upcharge.

It seems as if someone pushed the owners of Geaux Wings N Rice in Bossier a little too far with ugly attitude's and their response is epic, we aren't mad at them for the new upcharge they have in mind. If you walk in and you're moody, or ugly towards the staff, you will be charged a 15% service charge. If a certain restaurant in town automatically charges people 18% gratuity why can't another spot charge for bad attitudes?

"Attention: Due to bad economy if u have an ugly attitude, moody, give me a bad vibe I will be charging a 15% service charge for having to deal with ugly rudeness! so please just keep smiling! Thank you for not undersmiling!"

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