Six Flags Over Texas always has some major upgrades every year and it looks like the kids will be getting some new things to ride this year.

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Right now, Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington is only open on the weekends. The end of May, they will start to open everyday for kids to spend their summer days at. Every year, Six Flags tries to add something new to the park, that way it's the not same thing year after year. Last year the big addition was Aquaman Power Wave.

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Details on New Kids Rides Coming to Six Flags Over Texas

Last year, the park got a new thrill ride. This year, the park plans to make additions for the little ones. Here is what we know so far.

Sylvester and Tweety's Pounce and Bounce

Above is an example of this ride at another Six Flags theme park. This is at the Magic Mountain location. Six Flags Over Texas describes this ride as a family drop tower that lifts riders 41 feet in the air before beginning a sequence of downward pounces and upward bounces

Return of Daffy Duck's Bucket Blasters

This ride had already been at Six Flags Over Texas, but was shut down to the construction of Aquaman Power Wave being in the area. The ride was last operational in 2021, but kids can once again soak park guests while spinning around Bugs Bunny's Boomtown.

Chaparral Antique Cars Getting a Makeover

This is the second oldest ride at Six Flags Over Texas. I guarantee every Six Flags visitor has rode this at some point in their lives. Looks like the ride will now be called "Dino Off Road Adventure". Instead of just driving around trees and grass. The environment will now have thirteen animatronic dinosaurs along your journey.

Other Minor Upgrades to Six Flags Over Texas

Not really ride heavy with this final mentions, but just some minor touches you might notice on your next trip to Six Flags Over Texas. Batman The Ride and Mr. Freeze will both be getting upgrades to their queue lines. Also the Boomtown area of the park will be getting a permanent bar. Many of these plans are scheduled to be ready for Memorial Day weekend at the park. We will wait and see how these all turn out.

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