Is getting one car length ahead really worth ruining your whole day?

Wow, in the video at the bottom of this article, we have three rascals willing to punch total strangers in the face over one spot in line.  Y'all need to start practicing some meditation.  Breathe in through the noise... hold it... now out through mouth slowly.  See, isn't that better?

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OK reader, I'll break down the video for you blow by horribly thrown blow.  Here we go!

Water Bombs

The video opens with a line of cars waiting to cross the United States/Mexico border.  A grey Nissan is inching in on a red Kia. The occupants of the Kia are hurling water bottles at the Nissan. Suddenly, the driver of the Kia gets out and punches the Nissan's window.

Twitter Canva
Twitter Canva

Let's get ready to rumble!

Now the driver of the Nissan gets out and immediately begins throwing hands. Literally hands.  I can't tell if they're even making a fist, this is funny.


Handicap match

Then another occupant from the Kia gets out and joins the scuffle.  Now it's two on three and officially a handicap match!


Break it up

The three slapbox their way to a fence and go through it, where a police officer or security guard, tells them to get back in their vehicles.  They obey, and the video ends. Watch the video for yourself below, then keep scrolling for the best comments from Twitter.

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