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  • The Stanley Cup trend is on its way out, and customers have moved on to the Buc-ee's Valentine's Day tumbler.
  • The tumbler is pink and white displaying the Buc-ee's beaver with hearts swimming around his head saying "Buc-ee's Will Never Break My Heart".
  • People who got the merch are already showing it off on social media.

I am glad everyone in Texas is working so hard to stay hydrated. The Tumbler craze has now gone way beyond the Stanley craze at Starbucks and Target.

Now it's a Yukon Outfitters Stanley "style" cup that is all the rage just in time for Valentine's Day. The Made in the USA cup is already impossible to find at Buc-ee's stores and is being posted on sites like eBay for at least twice the price according to the Houston Chronicle.

The Complete Buc-ee's Valentine's Day Collection Is In Demand

There is always a bunch of seasonally branded merchandise at Buc-ee's. They do every holiday up big in their unique way with the different offerings.

There are T-shirts, socks, and a plush toy Buc-ee's beaver dressed up like Cupid that is also in high demand. If you want to try to get these items when and if they restock, I hope you live by a Buc-ee's location or know someone who works there. Happy Hunting!

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