The Lone Star State has inspired stories for hundreds of years. Some of those stories are true, and some are fictional, though inspired by that signature landscape--both literal and emotional.

For those of us native to Texas, we can understand why. There's just something unique about Texas. Even for those of us who can understand why Texas people, lore, and landscapes inspire writers to set scripts for movies or TV shows here, it may still surprise to learn that some shows are set in Texas that you may not have even known.

Granted, when we think of TV shows that are set in Texas, cowboy and/or "western" movies and shows come to mind. After all, almost everyone I know from Texas is asked about the whereabouts of their horse whenever they travel to other places in the U.S.--much less overseas.

And certainly, some shows are obviously set in Texas--Dallas comes to mind immediately for many of us.

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It's not necessarily that many of us mind some of the traditional Texas tropes that are depicted onscreen. But native Texans know there's a lot more to the Lone Star state than is sometimes depicted in shows in our Netflix queues.

Especially nowadays. After all, most of the people that I know don't even own a horse. Yeah, most of us love football. Cheerleading is likely a bigger deal here in the Lone Star State. But in addition, Texas is incredibly business-friendly. Our technology professional community is vast. Texans live in all kinds of scenarios.

When you check out this list of 13 TV shows that are set in Texas, you'll see some follow the traditional perceptions of the Texas vibe. But, some may actually surprise you.

Let's take a look:

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