The USS Lexington is docked in a Texas port and has had a long history of service to our great nation. It was one of the major aircraft carriers during World War II. Many times it was the target of kamikazes and torpedo attacks. Currently, it sits in Corpus Christi, Texas and is available for tours.

How the ship got its name?

It got the nickname of "The Blue Ghost" because Tokyo Rose radio broadcasters made constant claims that the USS Lexington had been destroyed. Of course this was not true, prompting the Japanese to call it a ghost ship since it always returned to battle according to

It was decommissioned in 1991 and sits in Corpus Christi as a popular tourist attraction. Many stories have emerged from tourists and former crew members over the years of paranormal activity aboard the ship.

The Ship's Ghost Stories

One such story is of a ghost named Charlie who resides in one of the engine rooms. Many tourists have complemented on the wonderful tour guide while in engine room #2 dressed in a full Navy uniform. But there are no tour guides as it's a self guided tour through the ship.

Another story came from a woman who claims that while on the bridge, she saw a terrifying ghost with no eyes and scars on its face that lunged at her. There has also been reports of smelling food while going through the kitchen or hearing noises and screams while passing through an area where soldiers had died.

Paranormal Investigations

Many paranormal teams have investigated the ship, as well, finding various bits of evidence of some kind of presence aboard the ship. One group caught on camera what they believe to be a sailor moving through a door.

We get some good history from one of the volunteers during this episode of the Russell Rush Haunted Tour. After the history is explained, it gets a little cheesy.

Visit with the Family This Summer

You can search YouTube and find many other videos of paranormal hunters visiting the USS Lexington to hopefully get some evidence of paranormal activity. Ghosts or not, visit the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi. You will get some great history of a ship that saw plenty of action during WWII.

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