Going out on a Friday or Saturday night can be a fun time just about anywhere in Texas. You gather your friends together, find that night's hot spot, have a few libations, dance, then take an Uber or Lyft home to relax or throw the after party. While that is always the intent of going out, sometimes, the night doesn't go as planned. You or your friend may run into that one person who just can't handle their alcohol and proceeds to engage in fisticuffs with any, and everyone, around that person. That may have been what happened at an Ohio bar that promoted an age change for entry.

What May Have Happened

Donerick's Pub in Groveport, Ohio seems like it could be a fun place to go on a Friday or Saturday night. I can't really tell you first hand because a) I've never been to Ohio b) I've never been to Donerick's Pub. I'm just making an assumption. But from the numerous comments on their Facebook post, it seems lots of young people do enjoy the pub and are disappointed in the decision the pub felt had no choice but to make.

No specific reason was given but this all may have stemmed from a fight that broke out at the pub. As someone who worked in the bar industry for several years, all it takes is a hot head or two with too much liquor in them to start a brouhaha. Because of whatever incident, or other reason, Donerick's Pub will only allow those over the age of 30 in the pub on Friday and Saturday nights. They did not specify if this is a permanent change or just something to do for a little while until things calm down.

Comments From the Public and Patrons

The comment section is full of reasons for the change and suggestions on what should be done instead of this. Many people were in favor of the change. Probably those who are over the age of 30 who don't mix well with the younger patrons. Others believe that the music choices of the DJ may have had something to do with whatever caused this change. Some think a simple dress code change could be the answer.

Personally, if a bar that I enjoyed in my younger days stopped letting me in because I was under 30, I would be bummed. If it was a fight that caused the age change, I wouldn't be mad at the bar, I would be mad at the idiots who started the fight. As someone who is over 30 now, I would probably enjoy the change simply because I would be around people who can handle themselves more appropriately in that kind of setting.

Would you want a bar like this in East Texas?

That's a good question. There have been bars that have opened that don't serve alcohol. Their drink menu consists of virgin forms of popular drinks. Why not open a bar where the age group is a little older? What say you? If the bar was for 30 and up only, would you go?

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