Immigration issues are a hot topic in Texas and for those in the political realm. Migrants enter our country, are captured and either sent back home or to a sanctuary city. Some of these migrants do try to enter this country through legal means. One such migrant entered the United States as a nonimmigrant but violated those terms of entry. She had been sought by local and federal authorities and was even wanted by Interpol. Through lots of hard work, and yes, a little bit of luck, this fugitive migrant has been arrested in South Texas.

Leo Acosta Sanchez

Leo Acosta Sanchez, 21, entered the United States as a nonimmigrant on August 20 of 2023. She then violated those terms of entry and allegedly committed murder. Local and federal authorities, along with Interpol, was on the lookout for Sanchez since that time. Police in Splendora, Texas were able to take her into custody after conducting a routine traffic stop Friday, May 24.

Leo Acosta Sanchez, 21 - City of Splendora Police Department via Facebook
Leo Acosta Sanchez, 21 - City of Splendora Police Department via Facebook

Police were able to identify Sanchez behind the wheel of a vehicle. Those officers then called for backup before making the stop. Authorities did know she was living in the area and would travel back and forth from there to a residential community called Terrenos outside of Houston.

Wanted for Murder

Interpol was looking for Sanchez in regards to a murder. No details, such as a victim or location, have been officially released concerning this murder, only that Sanchez was wanted for it. Exact details of charges Sanchez will be facing were not released, either. Officials with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) did say that she is originally from Mexico (

Sanchez remains in ICE custody.

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