We already know people are moving to Texas in droves, and we've seen it here in our East Texas cities such as Longview and Tyler, Texas.

The appeal of Texas to many includes the climate we enjoy here.

Sure, we have hot summers but our winters tend to be milder. Plus, we have a lot of space. It was interesting to learn that even though Texas has the highest rural population of any U.S. State, we ALSO have the 2nd highest URBAN population.

When you also consider the natural beauty Texas offers combined with big city entertainment options, the appeal to others is understandable.

But let's get a bit more specific.

USA Today recently shared a list of the top cities in Texas to move to if planning a migration to the Lone Star State.

The study was based on certain 'metrics of livability [including] the quality of schools, activities, and walkability.'  The USA Today's team's research also included data regarding the quality of healthcare facilities and life expectancy, crime statistics, unemployment rates, and even severe weather risk averages in the cities. And of course, the study included a look at the cost of housing in each city.

While the first cities that come to your mind may include the bigger cities such as Austin or Dallas, Texas. Yes, those are on the list, but they fall a bit lower than you may have expected.

Why did these cities fall a bit lower on the list? Despite being considered great places for entertainment and shopping, when we look at some of the factors we mentioned above, the cost of living and crime rates were higher.

What may be even more fascinating to area residents, is that the No. 1 city on the list is right here in East Texas.

According to the USA Today story, the top 5 cities they recommend Texas-bound people to move to aren't the sprawling Texas cities we know and (sometimes) love, they are some of the smaller, but thriving cities.

Let's take a look.

The 5 Best Cities to Move to in Texas

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