It's the Summer, so it's time to break out the gas grills and BBQ pits and cook it up with your friends and families. Louisiana folks love to cook outdoors and have parties while doing it.

With the rise in folks building outdoor kitchens these days in Louisiana, we have seen a rise in outdoor cooking in the state as well as specialty meat aka butcher block stores popping up all over the state.

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So what do people in Louisiana love to cook when they fire up the grill? The favorites in the bayou state include pork steaks, chicken leg quarters, jalapeno poppers, smoked sausage, and of course we love our steaks.

We also love our BBQ sauce in Louisiana and our go-to sauces are Pig Stand BBQ sauce, Jack Miller's BBQ sauce, or Sweet Baby Rays.

Jack Millers, Sweet Baby Ray's, Pig Stand BBQ Sauces (Photo by Mike Soileau TSM)
Jack Millers, Sweet Baby Ray's, Pig Stand BBQ Sauces (Photo by Mike Soileau TSM)
loading... just released a new list, ranking the best cities in the United States for grilling meat and the Louisiana city that ranked the highest in the state may surprise you. What were the criteria? They said,

They compared nearly 470 of the biggest U.S. cities based on 4 meaty categories. We looked at local interest in grilling, access to butcheries and home improvement chains, and the average cost of meat in the area. We also considered ideal weather conditions for cooking outdoors, among 17 total metrics.

So which Louisiana town ranked the highest in Louisiana? It is Lake Charles, Louisiana. Not only did Lake Charles rank the highest in the state, but it ranked 22nd overall in the entire United States. Wow, that is impressive, right?

Lake Charles city limits sign, LA.
Scott Lewis

So Southwest Louisiana, fire up that grill and celebrate that you're one of the country's best for grilling!

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