As summer gets hotter and hotter, people begin dreaming of those cooler fall days with the smell of pumpkin spice in the air with a hint of mischief. One of the first places that begins to usher in spooky season is Spirit Halloween.

Although, we're several months away from October, Halloween is the next big holiday people start planning for after the Fourth of July. Once Independence Day is done, stores will slowly begin getting their fall decorations out on display. And according to the Spirit Halloween official website, the store usually opens at the end of summer.

Posters for Spirit Halloween are already popping up.

Some Halloween-fanatics have noticed that posters advertising Spirit Halloween "coming soon" have been making apparitions in their communities.

Townsquare Media Lawton
Townsquare Media Lawton

The posters signify which ghostly building Spirit Halloween will take host in for the season. It's rare when Spirit Halloween is in the same space twice, so seeing the poster in a new location is always enticing. The posters also advertise the opportunity to work at Spirit Halloween. Positions are available for management and staff.

When did Spirit Halloween open in 2023?

According to a press release from the Spirit Halloween website, locations began opening across the United States on or after July 29 last year. Although the end of July isn't officially the end of summer, people do tend to start their countdown to Halloween by August.

So when will Spirit Halloween open in 2024?

On social media, Spirit Halloween announced that its flagship store in New Jersey is set to have its grand opening on Thursday, August 1. Typically, after the flagship store's grand opening, other Spirit Halloween locations across the nation begin opening their doors.

The location section of the Spirit Halloween website states for people to check back on August 1 for more information about local stores.

Although ghouls and goblins may still have to wait a month to shop at Spirit Halloween, those who live in the spooky spirit no matter the season can shop at Spirit Halloween year round online. But that's not as entertaining as walking through a Spirit Halloween location with its costumes, props and creepy decorations.

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