Over the past month or so, Pinterest has taken the Internet by storm, with the pinboard-style photo sharing platform proving to be especially popular with women. So does that mean there is space in the cyberverse for a Pinterest-like site geared toward men?

Enter Manteresting, which is described as a place where men 1) get inspired by awesome content; 2) share manly things with the community; and 3) view what other members of posting.

A quick glance at Manteresting suggests what guys are feeling these days are motorcycles, cheerleaders and guns. That seems reasonable enough. And the site does include a legit-seeming tutorial video and information on how to sign up.

But since it also works as a parody of the difference between the interests of men and women, we’re not entirely sure it’s for real. What do you think? And if it is for real, do you think this type of Internet sharing is going to appeal to the typical guy?