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Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl Executive Director Missy Setters talks about the events that led up to the cancellation of this years game, originally scheduled for December 26.

"I think you have to go back and look at the past few weeks," Setters says. "We started with 42 bowl games, we had ten bowl games that decided to...not play this year, to cancel and then as we got closer and closer to the selection, we saw teams opting out, to not play in bowl games.

"(Sunday) we were prepared, but at the last minute another team decided to opt out after selections had already started. That created a void that had to be filled by another team and it had a domino effect. Then you had four bowls yesterday (the Independence Bowl among them) that couldn't play because they couldn't fill their spots."

Setters then explains why a single I-Bowl slot couldn't be filled, one of those already committed to by Army. "You had fifty teams that opted out. In a normal year with 42 games you need 84 teams to play. It ended up being a numbers game. Multiple teams opted out the day before selection, then the one that opted out the day of selection. You can prepare, but when something like that can completely undo what was done."


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