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Commanding General of the Ditto Head Brigade of Conservatives, El Rushbo, recently fielded a call from a self declared LEGAL immigrant to our United States. She was distressed; her main concern the growing momentum for amnesty for illegal immigrants. She is seeking encouragement that her belief and that of her friends and family concerning this frightful proposition will not leave them abandoned.

CALLER Annette, Illinois says, “I was...nervous…that we were gonna lose you as conservatives, and you're just right on…about the immigration thing.  My family immigrated here legally in 1955, …we are against any kind of amnesty."

America’s Truth Detector hoisted that mantle, as is his wont, and affirmed Annette’s insight:

"I proposed that.  …last year, Annette, I said, as a means of illustration, the same point you're making, I said, "I, El Rushbo, will support blanket amnesty right now if they can't vote for 25 years," and nobody took me up on it, because the whole thing is about votes.”  After that reassertion, Rush returned his attention to the caller’s other concern, asking:, “Why did you think you're gonna lose me (as a conserviative) after yesterday?”

 CALLER Annette: “…Marco Rubio is really convincing, …people tend to listen to what he says because of his ethnic background.  And he does not necessarily speak for the Latinos and Latinos who are here legally in this country.  And he seems to think they lost because of this Hispanic and Latino issue, and they didn't.  …and he had a huge audience yesterday…, I feel like, as a conservative, we've lost so many people, … and I was scared.”

El Rushbo offered encouragement and moral support  to the concerned ditto-head:

 "I know how you feel, but I'm never gonna betray myself or you, never, ever.  What I said...about immigration is exactly what I think about it.  It's an assimilation issue, it's a cultural issue... but ...if you're afraid that you heard that I somehow bought into amnesty, no way in any shape, manner, or form.  ...I was praising Rubio on...what I heard as his unalterable position on border security as a first step, and if that doesn't happen, he's not voting for this."

He solidified his stance as he affirmed his policy on conservative movement marching orders to fearful Annette:

"One of the biggest fears that soldiers have is being abandoned on the battlefield.  We don't do that."