Have we at last found the key to happiness?

Don't get your hopes up. There is no quick-fix to happiness. I mean, there could be since I believe that happiness starts from within, but I don't want to get all philosophical on you. A recent study found the happiest places to live and no, Disney World was not on this list. I actually got my hopes up on that one.

As it turns out, the happiest places to live are not in the Ark-La-Tex.

So what is someone supposed to do, move? You could, if you're into beaches, wine, hippies and avocado. (Before you get offended, you should know that I lived in California for 17 formidable years of my life, so I can say what I want). The study, done by WalletHub.com, found that the happiest places to live tend to be in California. In fact, 13 of their top 20 cities are found in the long west coast state. Now, I could list my reasons as to why so many people are happy living in California and there are tourism commercials that could give you yet another list however, let's look at what WalletHub deemed important in their research.

They took into account income and income growth, leisure time in the day and even things opposite of happy, like the rate of depression. Although California heavy, there were other cities found in their top 20. For instance, Plano, Texas came in at number 19. That's certainly within reason to drive there are bottle up some happiness to take home with you.

To see their list of the top 20 happiest places to live, click here. Meanwhile, we'll be working on an even longer list of all the reasons we love the Ark-La-Tex. Take that, hippie!

Source: WalletHub

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