At Thursday's Caddo Parish Commission meeting, Industrial Development Board Chairman Gard Wayt had some interesting things to say about Elio Motors and the old GM Plant.

Wayt said that Shreveport needs to focus on the big picture and not focus so much on Elio Motors. He said, "This is being handled responsibly.  The parish made a heck of a deal to keep that plant from being destroyed."

When asked about Elio's future and whether or not they would ever produce cars in Shreveport, Wayt responded by saying "If Mr. Elio is successful in raising the money he needs to start manufacturing... more power to him, but there will still be 60 percent of that plant that will be available for use by other industrial prospects."

Wayt went on to say that the plant is over 3 million square feet and a property that size doesn't get developed overnight. He also mentioned that IRG is currently in talks with 4 companies to potentially fill the remaining space.

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