We'll be celebrating our nation's independence soon, but what does that look like in our own state?

Before you know it we will be celebrating Independence Day. It's a day to remember those brave men and women who believed in something better than the British crown. They believed in a free nation with liberty and justice for all.

We hold that freedom near and dear to our hearts from sea to shining sea, but what about in our individual states?

Recently WalletHub looked across the nation to determine a state of freedom for each. First, they had to establish what independence looks like. They compared each state's government, job market, consumer finances, international trade and more to compile a list of the Most Independent States. They found that the most independent states are Utah (1), Nebraska (2), and Massachusetts (3).

Louisiana was a little further down the list.

Surprisingly we landed at number 47 on the list. I say surprisingly because we live in a state with a lot of vices. That was one of the determining factors WalletHub looked into to put this list together. However our low numbers in "median credit score" and "households with rainy-day emergency funds" proved to be too detrimental.

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