We'll take our tax refund served on a silver platter, please.

Before you freak out, the tax deadline has not come and gone… yet. In fact, we get an extra few days to file this year thanks to a little thing I have deemed the “Date Domino Effect” (insert hype horn here). Basically, there are several reasons why the tax deadline cannot fall on April 15 this year, nor the few days after. Let me break it down for you…

1. April 15 is a Saturday (OUT)

2. April 16 is a Sunday (OUT)

3. April 16 is Emancipation Day, which is observed by the IRS. However, since this day falls on a Sunday, it will be recognized on Monday, April 17. (OUT)

Therefore, taxes aren’t officially due until Tuesday, April 18, according to the IRS. While this helps you in the filing process, it does mean that your refund is also delayed at least for those days. Oh, the glorious refund. How we all look forward to this money being served to use on a silver platter (we wish) every single year.

Unless, of course, you don’t get a refund… But that’s another story.

What do you do with your refund? Hubby and I have already filed and received our refund this year, but have spent it on the most boring of subjects… bills. Are you a “wild and crazy” refund spender? Or do you typically spend your refund “responsibly” knowing that it will pay off in more fund in the end?

Tell us below:

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