My how the tables have turned.  For decades, the NFL would not air their commercials in any city that hosted legalized gambling.  That That's why the surprise announcement this morning is so strange.  The statement issued by the NFL and Caesars Entertainment (the parent company of Bossier City's very own Horseshoe Casino) is just short of a complete 180 degree turn from the National Football League's stance.

Exactly what this means for gambling isn't clear, but according to the report from Yahoo Sports - first official casino sponsor of the league will be “providing unique experiences for NFL fans by using its casino properties, celebrity chefs, premier music artists, and a wide range of entertainment elements.”  The partnership begins immediately and will most certainly have a visible impact at this year's Super Bowl, slated for February 3rd in Atlanta, Georgia.

With the Raiders moving to Las Vegas, and the 2020 draft being held there as well, it's safe to say that this partnership is about way more than gambling.  The deal will reportedly allow the casino to use NFL trademarks.  Dallas Cowboys slot machine anyone?

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