With estimates of over 50,000 children -- mostly from Central American countries -- being housed in cramped, makeshift detention centers, there is growing concern over their health, welfare and controlling the spread of disease.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson evaded direct questions on whether the thousands of Central American children who have entered the U.S. Illegally will be deported back to their native country, or be allowed to stay.
Johnson told NBC's “Meet The Press that anyone who crossed the border will face a a “pending” deportation proceeding.

“There’s deportation proceeding pending against everybody coming illegally across the border,” he said, while also repeating the administration’s argument about dealing with a 2008 law that gives some protection to illegal immigrants from non-bordering countries.

“Our border is not for illegal immigration, and we will stem the tide," he said. However, Johnson didn't elaborate on the process.

On Thursday (7/3), White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked by a reporter whether he could say “without ambiguity” if the children will be deported.

“What I can say without ambiguity is that the law will be applied and there is going to be a due process that they’ll all be subjected to,” Earnest replied. “So I wouldn’t stand here and say how those claims will be processed; it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to do so. But the law will be rigorously applied.”

He also said the administration is seeking “additional authority” from Congress.

[via Fox News]

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