There hasn't been a day that's gone by since Tyrann Mathieu was given the boot from the LSU football roster on Friday, where you haven't heard the Honey Badger's name in the news.

After all of the drama that went down in Baton Rouge, would Tyrann Mathieu consider staying at the very school that told him to leave?

While there is no chance of Mathieu suiting up this season for the LSU Tigers, he has the option of sitting out a year and running off to the NFL, where he would most likely be a 2nd-3rd round pick. He's told people being in the NFL is not on his radar, for now.

BUT, the Honey Badger has told several people close to him that he's interested on working on his "maturity and character" and sitting out this year in hopes of returning to the LSU Tigers in 2013!

Since given the boot from Les Miles on Friday to say Mathieu has been in a manic stage of depression is an understatement, he's been described by people close to him as "heartbroken" and "grieving" since being kicked off the roster.

Mathieu has visited and spoke with several FCS schools (the only schools he can play for this season), he's not all the way on board with those options.

If you're Les Miles, do you welcome Tyrann Mathieu back on your team?

[via ESPN]

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