You know that picture of you and your friends getting crazy at the beach last summer? If you posted it on social media then everyone else, even people you don't want to see it knows about it too.

Many firms are now using social media as a way to vet applicants for jobs. Representative Clay Higgins is suggesting the United States do the same thing for those who wish to immigrate to our country.

Higgins is proposing that anyone who wants to come into the United States will have to turn over their passwords for their social media accounts.

That is a crucial window into their intent.

Higgins' comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

Obviously, no bad guy is going to have pictures on his Facebook page of the last jihad he and the fellows took part in. Still, there could be quite a bit of evidence and information to be gained by peeking into a potential immigrant's online world.

We may determine whether or not they are talking to the wrong kind of people and have some bad plans for us and this would apply also to profile potential radicalization of domestic terrorists.

For those who might be concerned about Constitutional Rights remember this, you don't have any of those if you aren't a citizen. I would also think that if you really wanted to move to this country and were on the up and up you'd have no problem allowing this kind of access into your personal and online activities.

I might be old fashioned in my thinking but I believe living in America is a privilege. Some of us earned that privilege by birth, others by the naturalization process. Regardless, American citizenship should not be handed out like participation trophies in a spoiled brat soccer league.

How do you feel about the use of social media as a way to learn more about potential residents of our country? The idea is still just that, an idea. Whether it's a good idea will certainly be debated by persons who are much smarter than me before any action can be put into place.

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