With Christmas, only a couple of weeks away, you may be scrambling for that last minute gift for the kids and a recent survey that has the top ten list of Christmas gifts may help. 

The website Digitalhub has information on a survey of 2.000 parents and many of the items that were mainstays on Christmas lists are falling out of favor. Once popular gifts like skateboards and bikes are off the list being replaced by phones an game consoles.

Here is a look at the top ten gifts for kids this Christmas.

1. Computer games.
2. Legos.
3. Clothes. Especially for older kids, in middle school or high school.
4. Books.
5. A new phone.
6. Video game consoles.
7. Board games.
8. iPads and tablets.
9. A new laptop.
10. DVDs and digital movies.

To give you an idea of how some of the classics faired. Bikes were in 11, Nef toys were 12 and action figures were14th.


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