Governor John Bel Edwards signed a bill into law on Tuesday that tightens up restrictions on auto manufacturers selling directly to consumers, like the current Elio Motors business model calls for.


HB 167 was authored by Shreveport Rep Thomas Carmody, and was intended to clean up some of the language that existed in laws that are already in place. Essentially looking to close some of the loopholes that Elio has looked to exploit.

Carmody told KEEL News his intent is to create a level playing field. He used Elio motors as an example while on the air with Robert & Erin:

"My Friend Paul Elio would like to make vehicles at the former GM plant, and, the idea that you as a Louisiana citizen, or Shreveport resident, could just drive out there and pick one couldn't do that when GM was there."

The main opponent of the bill was actually Tesla Motors, who viewed it as an attack on their business model as well. Tesla went as far as creating social media campaigns in the state aimed at creating opposition to the bill.

Supporters of the law, including the National Automobile Dealers Association, say it’s a win for the long-held practice of manufacturers selling vehicles through dealers.



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