Governor Jindal visited North Desoto Middle School today as part of his ongoing program to visit high-achieving schools around the state. Jindal says North Desoto is taking full advantage of the "TAP" -- or Teacher and Student Advancement Merit Pay -- system and last year was one of only three schools in the country to win the TAP School of Promise award. "TAP" was developed by the Milken Family Foundation to improve teacher quality. The Governor is visiting high-achieving schools around Louisiana to get a first-hand look at how those schools are pursuing innovative reforms that improve student outcomes. On the new letter grade reports for Louisiana schools released earlier this year, North Desoto Middle School in Stonewall received a "B" while the state as a whole received a "C." So Governor Jindal has paid the school a visit -- to learn first-hand from faculty and staff there what they're doing right. Jindal says his top priority for the coming year will be improving K-thru-12 education. And he says one key to doing that is by rewarding excellent teachers and incentivizing others to achieve excellence.

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