The Chevrolet El Camino, with its svelte sports car-meets-muscle-truck visage, is easily one of America's favorite classic vehicles, and since it was discontinued in the '80s, fans have been trying to find ways to bring it back.

Blogger Ray Wert at Jalopnik may have found a way to do just that. Recently, he posted a tweet asking his bloggers to tell General Motors Chief Marketing Officer Joel Ewanick they wanted the El Camino back. Ewanick responded to blog reader @Chavalanche, saying, "well, we need you and 100,000 more of your friends."

The Jalopnik blogger is now asking El Camino fans from around the globe to chime in on his blog post. His goal is to get 100,000 comments saying they're interested. As of Friday, the post had over 3,100.

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