Though there won't be any hawkers walking up and down the aisles of Tiger Stadium this Saturday for the season football opener with Georgia Southern, there will be, for the first time ever, ice cold beer for sale!

For the average LSU fan, who normally has to inhale as much beer as possible to tolerate the Louisiana heat, during a pregame tailgate party, this news is nearly as good as if LSU was announcing they'd cover the stadium and air condition the whole thing!

According to Senior Associate Athletic Director, Robert Munson, domestic beer will be available for LSU home games for $8.  Premium beer will run $9 per cup.  Munson goes on to say,  “It will be available at almost every concession stand. We have a number of stands in the student section that will not sell beer and wine. We’re going to continue to monitor foot traffic and sales throughout the season, so it could change a little bit.”

And from what we've learned, there will be a two purchase a person limit for each transaction, and IDs will be required for every transaction.  Additionally, aAll drinks must be poured out of their cans and into plastic cups by the server.

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