Several meetings are set for today to discuss the Future of Shreveport.


These meetings are organized by Mayor Adrian Perkins' transition team and are subcommittees of the overall transition committe. Here's the schedule of events for today:

At Central Art Station, 801 Crockett Street

8 a.m.-9:45 a.m. — Community Partners Committee

10 a.m.-11:45 a.m. — Economic Development Committee

Noon-1:45 p.m. — Infrastructure Committee

2 p.m.-3:45 p.m. — Technology Committee

Here's the promotional video Perkins released during his campaign:

Dozens of locals are serving on these various committees to look for ways to help the community grow. Here's the list of the members of each committee:

Public Safety

Erin Brainard
Laura Fulco
Cassie Hammett
John Hussey
Henry Whitehorn


MaryKeyea Campbell
Sandra McCalla
Dottie Bell
Robert Caslen (Advisory Board Member)
Robert Elder (Advisory Board Member)
Kenna Franklin
Kay Medlin (Advisory Board Member)
Frederic Washington
Daryll Webb
Candice Webert
Cheryl White (Advisory Board Member)
Melva Turner Williams
Sheila Wimberly


Tanita Baker
Chris Elberson
Kevin Bryan
Tyler Comeaux
Gwen Phelps
Dale Earwood
Charlie Sylvie


Matt Snyder
Pam Atchison
Chase Boytim
Nick Daniels Jr.
Jada Durden
Sylvester Marshall

Quality of Life

Joyce Lawrence
Clay Walker
Myron Griffing
Stephanie Jordan
Rachel Lawler (Advisory Board Member)
Kay Medlin (Advisory Board Member)
Mike Powell
Valerie White
Dr. Helen Wise
John Paul Young


Jim Malsch
Demetrius Norman
Sharon Golett
Steve Gray
Keith Hanson
Leland Horton
Nathaniel Manning
John Norris
Victoria Provenza
Robert Vinet
Anthony “Tick” Williams (Advisory Board Member)

Community Partners

Mark Briggs
Robert Caslen (Advisory Board Member)
Dennis Everett
Chris Gabriel
Jimmy Graves
Rev. Theron Jackson
Father Peter Mangum
Chuck Meehan
Denny Rogers
Dr. Montrell Whitaker

Economic development

Irma Rogers
Roy Burrell
Bobby Jelks
Hasim Jones
David Kreamer
Rachel Lawler (Advisory Board Member)
Singh Minjat
Grant Nuckolls
Cheryl White (Advisory Board Member)
Anthony “Tick” Williams (Advisory Board Member)
Ryan Williams

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