Before You Watch This Video Make Sure There are Zero Children Around.

Also, make sure that you have headphones on if you are watching this video at work. Although this video is probably the most hilarious take on Shreveport roads to date, sometimes you can't get your point across without using choice words. This truck driver spares no feelings and he gets his point across not caring whose feelings are hurt in the process.

My Friend Sent Me a Video Saying "Look At Your Town Shine."

So I clicked on it thinking that there was for sure some kind of awesome story about Shreveport-Bossier, however, it was an out-of-town truck driver demanding answers as to how people in Shreveport survive driving down the roads. This truck driver had me dying."If you're trying to save your spot in heaven you might wanna scroll the hell on because I am fixing to use some strong ass language to describe this situation." What situation do you ask? Shreveport roads." "Who running this rugged ass city?" was TikTok User Dirtyredd22's first question.

This Truck Driver Is Asking the City Council to Go to Horseshoe Casino and Bet It All on Black.

At this point you can tell this truck driver is upset because the roads are so bad his biscuit was knocked out of his hand and honestly that would be enough to set me off. I will spare you all the hilarious comments this truck driver made so you can enjoy the video.


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