It's one that will be remembered for a long time. In one of the deepest of "red states", a Democrat has won a special election for a US Senate seat.

Tonight, Fox News (along with nearly every other national media outlet) has called tonight's special election in Alabama for Doug Jones, over Republican candidate Roy Moore. The numbers tonight are extremely tight, so many outlets are using terms like "apparent winner" or "projected winner", but unless there's some large-scale mathematical error, Jones will likely be the winner by daybreak.

Moore has been a lightning rod for controversy since taking the national stage, including multiple allegations that he had sexually assaulted children in his past. Those allegations caused some false starts from national Republican support, before eventually gaining the full support of the Republican National Committee and President Donald Trump late in the campaign.

During tonight's speech, Moore and his team made multiple references from getting help from the Alabama Secretary of State as they are aiming for recounts and legal challenges.

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