Somebody has made off with a whole pallet of Colt AR-15 semi-automatic rifles.  

They were shipped from Hartford, Connecticut, to a local gun distributor, but they disappeared from Con-Way Freight on Industrial Drive sometime between October 12th and 14th.  To date, none of the $800 each guns have been recovered but four men have been arrested and charged.  21-year-old Cameron Johnson of Keithville, 22-year-old Luther Williams, Junior, of Shreveport and 44-year-old James Minor, Junior, of Keithville are all charged with theft of a firearm.  31-year-old David McNeil of Keithville was arrested for illegal possession of stolen things.  None of the men were employees of Con-Way Freight.

The guns are described as black in color with a law enforcement carbine and 16-inch barrel.  If you've recently bought a gun like this from someone other than a licensed gun dealer, you're asked to contact Caddo Sheriff's Detectives Bill Rehak or Russell Hicks at 675-2170 or Crime Stoppers at 673-7373.

booking photo of james minor
CPSO booking photo of James Minor
booking photo of Luther Williams
CPSO booking photo of Luther Williams
booking photo of David McNeil
CPSO booking photo of David McNeil

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