I don't know about you, but I LOVE a good conspiracy theory. From the Kennedy Assassination to Lizard People to the Fake Moon Landing, there is literally something out there for everybody. Now, I'll be the first to admit that most of these conspiracy theories are utterly ridiculous. But I like them because they capture my imagination and make me use some critical thinking skills.

In fact, my latest obsession is 'Flat Earth'. Do I actually believe the earth is flat and we are surrounded by an Ice Wall? No, absolutely not. But they do make some interesting points and have some truly fascinating theories.

Many flat-earthers think NASA is a huge conspiracy, that gravity is non-sense...they question why the North Star is EXACTLY in the same place nightly, year round when the earth is supposedly always in motion around the sun. Again, I think their 'science' is severely flawed. I haven't seen any of these flat earthers put out any information that would even slightly get me to change my stance or beliefs. But their questions are valid and slightly fascinating.

And really, why not believe a little? Life is short and, to me, its more fun to play detective and at least pretend for a little while that the government might be against us or hiding aliens or covering up some truth to keep us in line.

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