Good, bad, funny, and everything in between. Here are five videos from Shreveport that went absolutely viral.

It's true that we live in quite the unique place. In Shreveport, we are a true melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, talent, and backgrounds. With that ebing said, naturally we have found ourselves in the national spotlight quite a few times.

In this list, I will highlight five videos that are forever tied to Shreveport, that all went on to garner a mountain of views online.





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    Shreveport Officer Hands Out Some Business


    Who could forget this classic from New Years day, 2019. In the video, we see and hear hear two brothers and their confrontation with a Shreveport Police Officer. This is also the video where the now-popular phrase, "Get You Some Business, Bruh", originated.

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    Hurricane Chris Performs "Halle Berry" at a Louisiana State Legislative Session


    Shreveport's own Hurricane Chris was invited to perform his hit song "Halle Berry" for our state's governing leaders. This happened back in 2009 and I can say without a doubt even ten years later, the cringe is real

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    Harlem Shake Video from Calvary Baptist


    Nearly half a million views later, the controversial video still remains on YouTube, despite the school's wishes. Calvary Baptist' students released their own Harlem Shake video back in 2013. The video features the typical craziness expected in viral Harlem Shake clips, but this one turned a lot of heads due to the sexual innuendos coming from the Baptist school's students. The students were even forced to post an apology video to avoid suspension.

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    Saints Got Robbed - DigitalMunchies


    One thing that I've loved about working with DigitalMunchies lately is that their work is always top-notch and timely. Those two characteristics combined in a major way for for Josh and Melissa Munds shortly after the Saints' controversial ending to the season. DigitalMunchies quickly wrote the "Saints Got Robbed" song and released it to YouTube, which has now gained too many views on all platforms to possibly count. They were featured on Howard Stern's radio show, ESPN, FOX Sports, and dozens of other news outlets.

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    The Graduation Fall Heard 'Round the World


    This one has a special place is my heart because it's the highest viewed clip in K945's history. We happened to have a staff member present at this local graduation, and luckily, a camera rolling as well. The clip shows a graduate slipping and falling intensely on field turf while wearing high heels and has been viewed over 4 million times. After the video's success, I tracked down the graduate and met the sweetest girl and family imaginable. We threw a party for the family, and I embarrassed myself in high heels afterwards. You can see that video by clicking HERE.

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