Imagine finding out you're pregnant, and stepping into an ultrasound appointment just to find out there are more heartbeats than you anticipated. "Oh there are two heartbeats! Oh wait, okay there are three heartbeats, okay we found a fourth heartbeat. Well there are five heartbeats total." You just found out there isn't just one baby on the way, there are FIVE babies on the way. Do you laugh? Cry? Ugly cry? How do you even fathom sending all 6 kids to college? Thanks to a couple in Temple, Texas we are about to find out what the process looks like. I would much rather watch from afar that's for sure!

TLC is following the crazy journey that Liz and Daniel are embarking on.  Their son Rowan is sure to steal our hearts and I can't wait to watch little Teagan, Liam, Nolan, Dillon, and Connell grow! You can watch Hodge's Half Dozen on TLC. If you see a couple with a toddler and six babies in tow running around town, it's just the Hodges Half Dozen!

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