Bossier City has had many issues recently with their water department from a potential data breach to the brain eating amoeba. The amoeba has been found in several parts of the bossier water supply but health officials say it's still safe to drink and the health concern for the public is very low. According to local experts the only way to get the amoeba is through the nasal passage aka from bathing or swimming.

Currently there's a flush by the city which will last around 60 days hopefully eliminating the problem. This week I've noticed a very different smell and taste to the water at my apartment in Bossier probably due to the flush. The story has now gone national bringing the attention of media outlets and activists from all over.

Erin Brockovich recently joined the conversation on Facebook claiming that Bossier City is lying about their solution that "The elevated levels of TTHMs you will smell in your shower are toxic... and you can actually inhale more than you could possibly ever drink." Erin Brocovich was made famous in the 90's when she went after Pacific Gas and Electric Company of California the story later was made into a popular movie. She's now a clean water activist going after issues like Flint Michigan... Check out her full post below!

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