The offer is on the table.

Musk says that Twitter needs a massive transformation and his plans include taking the company private.

So how much would Musk have to give up to purchase Twitter? Well, with shares valued at $54.20 per, he would have to purchase the platform for $43.4 Billion.

He says that he is willing to pay such and that is his final offer.

According to CNN, Musk has already spent $2.6 Billion in shares, since investing in Twitter.

It is reported that Morgan Stanley has already been hired by Musk to handle the transaction, pending Twitter accepts his offer.

Elon Musk is the richest person on Earth so it will be interesting to see if Twitter accepts his offer.

If he does purchase the platform and takes it private, this would eliminate much of the oversights publicly-traded companies must endure, which is worrisome for some.

So until then, let's sit back and wait to see if Twitter accepts the massive offer that is currently on the table.


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