Work is nearly complete on the engine for the Elio 3-wheeled car.
Company CEO Paul Elio is expected to talk about that during a public meeting tonight in West Shreveport. That meeting is from 6-8pm at the American Rose Center on Jefferson Paige Road. Stuart Lichter, President of the Shreveport Business Park is also scheduled to be at the meeting. Elio is planning to use part of the old GM plant to build the car.

Here's part of the company news release about the engine:

For Elio Motors, one of the biggest swing-for-the-fences decisions was to build our own engine. There is a reason no start-up company has built an internal combustion engine from the ground up in more than 60 years. It ain’t easy!

But, Paul Elio recognized there was no engine currently on the market that could meet our needs. Some engines provided the right power, others the right fuel efficiency. But none provided the right balance of power and efficiency that Elio needs to reach the level of excellence our customers expect.

We are coming to the end of the engine development road. The engine goes through dynamometer testing on Jan 28 and 29, and then we are hosting a private “first official start” event for suppliers, investors and media on Feb 6.

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