Louisiana recently got a C- from the American Society of Civil Engineers, citing the state doesn't have an adequate funding plan to improve congested thoroughfares and roads in disrepair.

In the reports, the Pelican state's roads got a D.

Louisiana gets its transportation funds primarily from a 16-cent state gas tax and uses vehicle sales tax as a backup fund.

DOTD Secretary Sherri LeBas says her department spends over $1 billion on construction projects.  The study noted that unless there is a large sum of money set forward by the federal or state government, projects often have to be completed in the order they are prioritized, meaning there are many issues left unresolved.

According to the secretary, DOTD uses about $425-450 million of state funds and $550-600 million of federal funding.

LeBas told 710 KEEL that Louisiana sends more money to the federal government than it gets back from the federal government for highway projects.

She said that the state is looking into creating more public-private partnerships across the state on rebuilding bridges or on new roadways as a way to reduce the costs to the state.

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