We have a long-standing joke among my group of friends that our Glammy keeps Amazon in business. Growing up, her son Jude was convinced that their UPS driver was a rich man who brought gifts to their home. The Gonzales family has had the same UPS driver for over 15 years now. He is basically a part of the family, don't believe me? Check out their Christmas family photo from 2017.

One thing that my Glammy does for her driver and for any delivery driver that comes her way is she leaves snacks out. She will bake cookies, Gatorade, water, and any snack that she thinks the drivers might appreciate. During a time that many folks may blame their late deliveries, mess-ups, and overall bad experiences on their drivers, my Glammy constantly reminds us all to be kind to the most overlooked superheroes.

Don't forget to thank Santa's biggest helpers who are working overtime and doing their best to make our Christmas a magical one. Thank you to our UPS, Fed Ex, Amazon, U.S. Postal, and every other driver out there. Christmas would be so stressful without you.

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