Shreveporters will gather tonight to help break the silence about domestic violence.

There's another tragedy to the story of Alicia West who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. KSLA REPORTS that about a month before her murder she was denied a protective order by a Caddo District court judge. But a Bossier judge did issue one about two weeks ago. 

33-year-old Alicia West was found stabbed to death over the weekend. Her throat was cut.

Police arrested and charged Kelvin Brown II hours later and charged him with second degree murder.

The KSLA report says:

Just one month before her death, West explained to a judge in a request for a restraining order that she feared for her life. 

"I don't know how far he will go to get back at me and I am not willing to find out. I have a son to raise," she said.

After repeated denials in a Caddo Parish court, an order was granted in Bossier Parish. In the span of 6 months, all three attempts in Caddo Parish were denied by Judge Eugene Bryson, who retired the day before West was murdered. Bossier Parish granted a 6 month restraining order against Brown on November 24, 2014.


Judge Bryson cited the petition "does not state sufficient facts to constitute a violation of the domestic abuse act and that the two did not have a relationship that is required by title 46."

KEEL News has learned that West filed for a Protective Order in June, September and November in Caddo District Court.

West's final attempt in Caddo Parish was made on November 6, 2014. West provided details of Brown allegedly speeding his car up as she was trying to get out, causing her to fly out of the car. Most of the other complaints involved excessive text messages and unannounced visits to her home along with unexplained damage to her home and car.

A vigil for Alicia West is planned for 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, December 9, at the Duck Pond on East Kings Highway in Shreveport at the duck pond.


If you need help, contact Project Celebration at 318-226-5015. Victims can also call their confidential hot line at 1-888-411-1333.