The nostalgia came flooding back for gamers around the world today when it was announced that EA Sports would once again be producing a college football video game. But the former Heisman Trophy Winner and National Championship quarterback of the LSU Tigers, Joe Burrow, is a little sour that the game is being brought back just after his graduation.

Check out the Twitter post from @JoeyB below where he divulged his feelings for the announcement.

Of course most would agree that if the popular 'NCAA Football' series would still be running, Joe Burrow would have been a shoe-in for the cover of the game after his historic National Championship season with the LSU Tigers.

Now that the EA Sports 'College Football' game has been announced, I can't help but wonder if Joe Burrow could possibly find his way onto the next cover even though he is a season removed from NCAA competition. It seems like the internet also could see Burrow on the cover.

Just check out some Twitter posts below with unofficial mock-ups of what a new college football game's cover could look like if Burrow were to be included...

Both of those covers look absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! EA Sports should just throw out whatever plans they had for the cover and go with one of these options.

Whether you think it makes sense or not, I believe that Joe Burrow definitely earned a spot on the cover of the new college football game.

At the end of the day, it is a video game - so why not?

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