We've all said about as much as we can about Saturday night's Paul McCartney show in Bossier City. We even heard from his Shreveport/Bossier-based driver from this weekend. The show was amazing, and a total once-in-a-lifetime experience (no matter how many times he said he was coming back, I don't see it happening).

But there's a difference between telling someone about the show in-person or writing about it online, and SHOWING someone what happened. Which is why I'm glad I stumbled upon this video online today. I know places like Youtube and Facebook will often kill these videos because they "include copyrighted material", but this is actually a huge benefit to artists in this way.

No one is going to NOT buy a copy of "Live and Let Die" because of this video, but they may want to purchase a ticket to an upcoming Paul McCartney show by seeing this.

But either way, this video might not last too long online, so share it with your friends as much as possible before it's gone!

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