For the last 24 hours, the sports world was talking about the separation of the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo. We've known it was coming ever since Dak Prescott won his 5th game as the Cowboy's starting quarterback, but yesterday's big "breaking news" was all about how Dallas was going to release Romo, and let him find his own way.

But as you can see the breaking news above, today's turn of events suggests that Tony Romo will now be TRADED from Dallas to either the Broncos or Texans.

The trade will likely involve draft picks instead of players, and could be picks for the 2018 draft that could be conditional picks, that could change on how well, or how many games, Romo plays in. So the Texans could give the Cowboys their 2018 6th round pick, that could turn into their 4th round pick if Romo starts 10 games. But because there's now a bidding war between two teams, I actually think this will be a 2017 pick.

Looking at the two teams, the Denver Broncos actually have more picks and could make a better offer. They have two 3rd round picks (#82 overall and #101 overall) and could ship one of those to Dallas straight up for Romo. Which isn't a bad idea if you're Denver, because you could get 2-3 years out of Romo as your starter, and you're not guaranteed to get that out of a first round pick, let alone a third round pick.

If you're Houston, you'll have to get creative. The team has no extra Compensatory picks, and actually own the Chicago Bears 6th round pick (theirs was traded to the Washington Redskins). So they have 7 picks, one in every round of the draft. If they wanted to compete with the Broncos possible 3rd round pick offer, they'd have to pair picks. Could be between the 2017 and 2018 drafts, so a 5th round pick this year, and maybe that conditional pick for 2018.

We'll keep an eye on the Romo situation as it unfolds.

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