Caddo Parish Commissioner Mario Chavez talks about innovative ways - digital and otherwise - to aid law enforcement and fight crime.

"I was happy to announce that the Commission has unanimously advanced a piece of legislation that gained bipartisan support," says Chavez, adding that all the Commissioners are aware that crime reduction is on everyone's mind, "This is an awesome way to utilize technology using these mobile data gathering trailers.

Here's what Commissioner Chavez had to say to KEEL, giving details about the data gathering trailers.

"They're solar powered. They can be deployed across the parish. They do shot (gunfire) detection, license plate capturing, they can be our eyes and ears on the streets. When we can't afford more police officers, we can utilize these to help our local law enforcement agencies gather the data that they need to solve crimes.

"I'm appropriating the money to try to get is five (trailers), but the Commission is asking, 'Is five enough?'"

And how long until these data gathering trailers might be purchased and implemented? "I have a committee meeting on Thursday to begin to gather information. I've (also) asked the Sheriff (Steve Prator) to come on Thursday and reached out to Marcus Mitchell with the SPD. I want to sit down with them and show it to them. I think they'll love it. We used similar devices in the military and they're awesome."

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