This past weekend, my son ran a lemonade stand near the pool at the Villaggio Apartments in Bossier City.  He and his friend just knew they would make about $100 a piece by selling a red Solo cup full of Sonic ice and homemade lemonade along with a straw with a bunch of gummy Lifesavers on it. (His idea, pretty smart IMHO).

TSM - Brandon Michael

In most states, 36 to be exact, that would be illegal.  Luckily, both Louisiana and Texas have the common sense to allow kids to explore their culinary and entrepreneurial urges in the lucrative lemonade stand biz.  Along with California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, North Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, New York, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut - we're the only ones not to criminalize one of the most original and American forms of GoFundMe.

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Here's the good news: Lemonade giant Country Time has announced that they will be happy to cover costs incurred by junior business owners selling the refreshing, ice cold summer favorite in states where it is against the law.  The official website has details on taking care of permits and fines here, but they also have some pretty fantastic ideas for kids and parents who want to help make lemonade stands legal in their state as well.

In case you were wondering, my son and his friend made about 11 dollars and a bunch of new friends.  Obligatory 1st customer picture!

TSM - Brandon Michael