The democrats seem to be on to something, and Rush Limbaugh is on to them. He claims the democrats have found "The First" method, which allows them to break barriers while avoiding criticism.

"You've got the first black president, he's immune from criticism. You cannot criticize the guy. Any criticism is racism. We have a president of the United States who cannot be criticized," Limbaugh laments.

With the push for Hillary Clinton to get into the Oval Office, Limbaugh believes history could repeat itself. He thinks the first woman in office will be free of any opposition, which will be deemed sexist, i.e. 'it's only because shes a woman.'

El Rushbo elaborates on his claim: "[Hillary's] theme: Women who break barriers. What barrier is there left for Hillary to break? She's already broken the barrier, other than first female president, but she's gonna run, and she'll run on the basis that it's a biased, unjust, unfair country because of Republicans."

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