Pet owners rejoice!

Caring for a pet can be stressful at times and caring for a new pet can feel impossible when trying to balance it with work. I remember bringing Ollie home two years ago. At eight weeks, you can imagine how comfortable he was away from his mom and in a new house. Zero percent. I had one night with him before I had to go to work and leaving a crying puppy the next morning was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I cried all the way to work. I was fortunate enough to have an office that allowed me to bring him with me a few days each week.

Who doesn't love an office puppy?

I could have used "paw-ternity leave" to make Ollie feel comfortable and get all of the shots he needed at the vet. According to the Today show, more companies are looking for ways to attract the best employees and one company in New York is offering paid time off to care for their animals. If it sounds like angels are singing right, it's because they are.

Beyond offering paid time off, the tech-based company called mParticle is also a dog-friendly office.

Yes, you read that correctly. Employees can bring their dog with them to the office while they are working. Even if I didn't have a dog of my own, I would love to work in a building where dogs are everywhere. #GiveMeAllTheDogs. In an effort to remain competitive in the workforce, mParticle also offers fitness memberships and free lunches as a part of their employee benefits.

Good Morning America is reporting that more companies are jumping on board this "paw-ternity leave" train.

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